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NTD deposit rates NTD deposit rates

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( Effective Date of Data : 2024/03/05 08:39:17 )
Unit: Annual Rate %

1.Interest accrual on demand deposit:
(1)Interest is accrued daily on a 365-day year. [The sum of daily balance (total amount) is multiplied by the annual interest rate and then divided by 365 to arrive at the amount of interest.]
(2)Interest on cash deposits, transfers, and inward remittance of demand deposits through ATMs or Internet banking outside business hours (including holidays) will accrue from the day of deposit. Interest rates change at 24:00 on the day.

2.Customers will have to apply to receive preferential rates on Large-Sum Demand Deposits , preferential rates on Corporate Demand Deposits or preferential rates on Large-Sum Time Deposits.

3.Other offers of special rates on deposits, if any, will be announced under Latest News on the FCB website.

4.The information in this table is for reference only. Please contact a branch for realtime interest rates.