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( Data effect date : 2019/01/21 08:31:39 )
Unit: Annual Interest Rate %

1.When the listing rate of this current saving of this sheet/current saving deposit large amount is not marked, normal interest rate would be applied.

2.Interest Calculation Method:

(1)Current Deposit: Interest calculated by day, and take calculation basis as 365 days.
(2)Regular Deposit: Interest is not calculated if less than a month, interest will be calculated by day with the portion less than a month. Principle multiplies with annual rate, number of months, than divide by 12 to obtain interest-gained amount; calculation of interest is by day for the portions of fractional days less than 1 month.

3.If there is any other deposit activities rather than listed category from above sheet, the latest news will be published on the website of our bank.

4.Information on this sheet is for reference only.