( Effective Date of Data : 2021/01/22 11:03:55 )

Collective Investment Account-Related Messages
90AA Monthly Investment Report
90AC Monthly Investment Report
90AD Monthly Investment Report
90AE Monthly Investment Report
Account Category Category for Funds Handled by Phone Banking Collective Investment Account Name Buying Net Worth Selling Net Worth Net Worth Base Date Trend Analysis
90AA *9*00101 一銀精選國內基金集合帳戶 14.17280 14.17280 20190123 Press me
90AC *9*00103 一銀全球債券基金集合帳戶 11.92340 11.92340 20190123 Press me
90AD *9*00104 一銀全球基金組合集合帳戶 8.13000 8.13000 20190123 Press me
90AE *9*00105 一銀台灣強棒組合集合帳戶 10.25000 10.25000 20190123 Press me

The information in this table is for reference only; please visit the business unit’s counter for the correct amount.